Our Vision

Transforming lives.


FYI empowers youth affected by the juvenile justice system to improve their lives and become self-reliant. Through media literacy and the creative story-telling process, youth find their voice and gain valuable skills that are valuable in all areas of their life. Founded in 2004, FYI FILMS has conducted over thirty five films workshops with youth in LA County, Guam and Hawaii. Youth write, direct, and perform their own short narrative films based on the their past and by  making films informed by their own immediate history, the process of filmmaking helps them to gain perspective on their lives. FYI FILMS regularly screens films made by the youth to policy makers, giving them insight into the lives of youth from economically disadvantaged communities, and thus help inform them as they craft policy regarding juvenile offenders. FYI FILMS is a high impact program, and through a three year study has proven to put a serious dent into recidivism rates in LA County. FYI FILMS looks forward to conducting its first all women's workshop in 2017.