The Student Experience...


Since taking the FYI FILMS worskhop, I have more hope for a better future.
— Fila W.  
I like the FYI FILMS staff because they never give up on us.  And I’m glad many people can see our movies because it will help them to understand us better.
— Gustavo R.
FYI FILMS made me a more open person.  
— Davis H.
I learned that I can work well with others who are different from me.
— Leroy G.
I played a lead character in our movie.  And now I have confidence that I can do anything.
— Joel R.
I liked this program because I think it helped to make me a better man.
— Alonzo Z.
Making movies about our lives and the decisions we made help us to improve our lives.  I wish there was more programs like this in every LA County Probation camp.
— Jose M.
I co-wrote the screenplay for ‘Coming Home’, and after the film won Best Short Film at LA Film Fest, I am excited about writing. I want to be a writer and tell important stories about struggle, hope, and love.
— Antoine D.